Letter to the Editor: A new word for Trump

He’s done it before, and now he’s at it again! Promising a pardon to anyone breaking the law for his political purposes! It’s amazing, astonishing, disgusting, not surprising, and impeachable!

Trump’s idiotic statements and cruel policies require a new word in the English language. It is the word which comes to mind every time most people read Trump’s comments or see a report about his latest antics (astonishingly cruel “policies”) — “boutapuke,” as in: I am boutapuke!

Trump, like every other president of the United States, swore to protect, uphold, and defend the Constitution .yet he has no clue what that means, and commits crimes and impeachable offenses at a record pace. So far, we know of obstruction of justice, abuse of power, perjury and we have yet to see the tax returns and financial documents he so desperately is trying to hide!

How much longer must the world tolerate this clown? Maybe 17 more months. Yep, I am boutapuke.

Ken Abraham

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