Letter to the Editor: A scary proposition

I have to say, that is quite a plan that Jerry Clifton proposed in his/her letter to the editor (“Solving immigration ills”) on Monday, Feb. 25. Paying average Americas for turning in people they “believe” are illegal and getting paid by the government for deportations. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

Maybe you don’t like those neighbors that moved in next to you — the ones who look like they could be Middle Eastern or Latino. Just turn them in and let them get harassed by the feds.

Maybe your buddy didn’t get the job at the plant where you work, but a Hispanic-looking guy did. You just know he has to be illegal so you turn in him. Gee, turns out he is Puerto Rican — an American citizen who has every right to be there and working. Don’t you look dumb now?

Maybe that black family at the fast-food place was speaking in some language you didn’t understand. Well you are a racist who believes America is a white country — so you write down their license plate number and call some 800 number and turn them in.

Think these examples are far-fetched? Trust me, you know there are people who would do it. There are people who do it now.

You know who else used to do something similar? The Nazis. They would reward people for turning in Jews and other “undesirables,” — even paid bounty hunters to round them up.

I don’t know about Mr./Ms. Clifton, but I don’t think something that smacks of Nazi Germany probably isn’t such a good idea. Just my opinion, though.

Michele Lapinski

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