LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Affordable Care Act is commendable

I was very disappointed to read Mr. Beveridge’s comments on health care insurance. (“New rules to ‘save’ Obamacare not what doctor ordered,” Aug. 27).

The Affordable Care Act is at best a starting point to provide health care coverage to millions of Americans. It is a point where some coverage might assist hard-working citizens. It might have even equated to the government coverage that I am certain Mr. Beveridge uses.

Is it perfect? It is certainly not. But if as a society we are to move forward, one must start. Representative government, however imperfect, is the best method to enact change and that change must include everyone, thus the individual mandate.

Mr. Beveridge’s use of automotive analogies is questionable. There are many folks who drive old cars or no cars, but I am unaware of anyone who does not use the health care system and most importantly, there is an understandable expectation of any patient or family that when they do use the system they will receive the finest care without a concern as to the coverage.

Who is to fund that cost? The health care system? The providers? The pharmaceutical companies? The medical device industry? The Affordable Care Act was an attempt at compromise with all these entities giving up something for the good of all. In a society built on capitalism that is an extraordinary accomplishment.

Our current representative government does not believe we owe each other anything and that is far more egregious than the Affordable Care Act. I will applaud any effort that Commissioner Navarro or any other representative makes to provide care to our fellow citizens. After all, even our president now understands “that health care is complicated”

Robert J. McKennett

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