LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Alternative to term limits

This is a reply to Ret. Col. Frank Daniels whose op-ed piece appeared Saturday, Sept. 8. (“Term limits would help solve some of nation’s ills”):


I agree with everything you said except the advantage of having term limits. I understand where you’re coming from; term limits seems to be a good solution. A constitutional attorney has said that we have term limits; they are called elections.

Unfortunately, with term limits, we would be “throwing the baby out with the bath water.” We would be getting rid of good politicians, of which we have too few. A new influx of Congress after so many terms would mean we would be paying quite a bit more in pensions and other benefits.

Merely changing our representatives does not mean we would get better ones; the pool of candidates could be worse.

I believe the problem here, as with many other issues, is us, the voting public. We are uninformed, misinformed and indifferent. We need better education in our schools, and we need an involved electorate who understand that with every right comes a responsibility.

In this case the responsibility is to be interested and well-informed so we can make better choices at the ballot box and before. Perhaps, it also means being a candidate ourself.

Lorraine O. Gloede

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