LETTER TO THE EDITOR: America moving toward a one-party aristocracy

The Electoral College votes, in each state, are based on the census and raw population count. Persons who cannot vote or do not vote are counted for the total number of Electoral College votes, after the state reaches a majority on a general or popular election of the president and vice president; thus, the red and blue states.

Some states have non-voting populations that exceed the entire voting populations of actual voters in other states.

Movement of large numbers of people, by either party, has to be viewed as suspicious, particularly into states east of the Mississippi River.

We are facing the dark side of democracy, as predicted and experienced by ancient, advanced cultures who used democracy in their governance.
Rome and Greece witnessed a “something for nothing” or “freebie” concept, where people were promised free stuff for simply existing. Obviously, such a concept was vastly popular until the nations collapsed upon themselves.

Both major American political parties seem to tout lower taxes and/or increased entitlements without logical means to accomplish said goals simultaneously.

The dual-party system, which our founders warned against, mutually embrace the Electoral College concept to manipulate our democracy into a very effective tool to benefit themselves.

The popular vote, for all qualified voters, in all of our states, must be established to put control of our affairs in our hands.

Donald F. McHugh Sr.

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