LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Anti-gun bills must be defeated in Delaware

Good morning senators and representatives. I am reaching out to you once again to ask for vote of no to SB163 (AR Ban). SB 163 is scheduled to be brought up in committee on April 18. I am a law-abiding citizen, who, at this point, am tired of being blamed for the shootings that have occurred.

Stop blaming the guns and start looking at the reason of failure. Mental health, breakdown from the ATF of not following through on individuals who are not legally allowed to own firearms, and failure of states to reporting individuals to the ATF.

Sen. Townsend wants to ban AR15 rifles, as well, as firearms that look similar to them. This is an exact replica of the Maryland ban. It was just a cut and paste procedure. These firearms are not weapons of war, nor do they qualify as “automatic,” as automatic firearms are not legally allowed to be owned by the general population.

AR does not mean assault rifle, nor does it mean automatic rifle. It stands for Armalite Rifle, which was the first manufacturer to make a civilian version of the rifle, hence, the most popular rifle in the United States. Also on the ban list, are firearms that have already been banned by the ATF years ago.

I would suggest that Sen. Townsend actually read his own bill, before he embarrasses himself further than he has already done. I have also read that the bill discusses how, when and where to transport your existing AR. I am 40 years old and I pay taxes. I do not need another adult telling me what I can and can’t do. I can make my own decisions.

Ladies and gentleman, when you took oath in office, you were sworn to protect and honor the Delaware Constitution, along with Article 1, section 20, which states that “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use.”

Neither Sen. Townsend, nor any other senator or representative, has the authority to adjust this article or section. The article and section is clear as day. It shall not be tampered with to your liking. If you cannot honor your oath, then I ask that you step down immediately and resign from your position.

As a citizen of Delaware, we know for a fact that these horrendous bills are being funded by outside sources, such as George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action, etc., also known as the anti-gun groups. The numbers are there.

Senators and representatives, we will be watching very carefully on how you vote on the listed bills, when we visit the polls and we will not forget.

Senators and representatives, there will be no compromise on these bills. We will not be registering any firearms, as what Sen. Townsend’s ultimate goal is.

Once again, I respectfully ask you to vote no to SB163 and keep voting no to HB330, unless the current amendments can be met, that was presented by Sen. Simpson.

Mike Joswick

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