Letter to the editor: Are you prepared?

Many times when the death of a veteran occurs a spouse is unsure of benefits, ceremonies, and items needed, or how to obtain them.

The following will be of assistance in making decisions.

  1. The veteran should have maintained a separate file folder including the following:

A. Birth certificate

B. Military DD214 with extra copies

C. Social Security card

D. Retirement papers (if retired)

E. Death insurance paperwork, military or civilian

F. Any VA disability papers

  1. If the veteran was receiving a service-connected disability a spouse may be entitled to a percentage of that claim. The claim is submitted to the Veteran’s Administration. The spouse may contact the Delaware Commission of Veteran’s Affairs in Dover. Phone 302-739-2792. These claims may be very complicated, and it’s best to have a certified service officer to assist.
  2. All veterans are entitled to a military honor guard at their funeral, and the family will receive an American flag in honor of their loved one’s service to the United States. When making funeral arrangements the funeral director will make the contact for a military funeral service when requested.
  3. Notify the following after the burial

A. Social Security

B. Medicare

C. Insurance Policy Offices

D. Pension Offices or Retirement Account Offices

E. Credit Card Offices

F. Professional or Membership Organizations

Paul Davis

President of the Delaware State Council Vietnam Veterans
of America

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