Letter to the Editor: Arts growing in Capital School District

Capital School District residents indeed need to know certain facts about the Arts here in the Capital.

As the Visual Arts teacher at Central Middle School, I want to share with the community how the arts here in Capital School District remain important and how we have expanded our programs to provide our students a variety of avenues to be in the arts, so that our arts program can continue to grow.

In order to educate the whole child and provide these opportunities for our students to explore and appreciate a variety of arts, the choice of switching to an A-B-C schedule was the option chosen. By using this current schedule, this allows each of our students to have three elective opportunities. Another benefit of using this current schedule also allows our students with Academic Intervention to not have to be pulled from related arts.

We at Capital have expanded the variety of classes offered in the arts across the district. At William Henry Middle School they have added guitar and theatre electives. At Dover High School, piano and guitar electives were added. While here at Central Middle School; we have added dance, music theatre, keyboarding and guitar. In fact, Central Middle School is one of two schools in Kent County, but the only public school in the state of Delaware, with a National Junior Art Society.

As a teacher and a parent in the Capital School District, I am proud of the arts in Capital. We continue to look for ways to help our students thrive at the highest level. Is there still room for Capital to grow? Yes. We will continue to work towards that growth; first with the new grade reconfigurations, second with the addition of critically needed facilities to allow all of our students to reach their fullest potential, and third with our continued community support.

Charon Dagley
Visual Arts Teacher, Central Middle School
2019 Delaware Middle School Art Educator of the Year

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