Letter to the Editor: Arts in Capital is not the point

The point of the “Arts Growing in Capital” letter was irrelevant and not completely true. The fact of the matter is that Capital School District cannot continue with the current budget. The operating budget has not been increased in 13 years. Capital cannot support the arts, STEM, or even core classes without increasing our budget.

The A-B-C schedule was not the option chosen by teachers. Seeing students every three days is never going to increase students’ skills and knowledge in any subject much less one that requires performances. Although, this is truly a separate issue from the goals of the referendum.

We must get (funds for) books and technology to keep students ready for the future and to put students in the proper school buildings for their appropriate age and to keep quality teachers working with our students and to update HVAC, security, air filters, plumbing, sports fields AND to make sure our children, our grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc….have the best schools to go to because they need us to make these choices for their future success.

Lisa Lewis

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