LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Assault on our national security

Never in all my years did I think I would witness what I saw this past week. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you saw an American president actually try to destroy the security we all have enjoyed for the past 73 years.

It started with President Trump attacking our allies in NATO and hinted the U.S. might withdraw from NATO or not come to the defense of our allies.

The only time Article 5 (mutual defense) of the NATO Treaty has been used was in our defense after 9/11. Trump is constantly harping on their monetary contributions to NATO. Well Mr. President, what about the contributions they’ve made to our defense, most importantly in lives? Over 1,100 non-US NATO troops have died in Afghanistan since we invaded 17 years ago. Those NATO countries are still in Afghanistan with us, despite their losses.

Are we, the U.S., gonna repay all the money they’ve spent on our behalf? How much is each life worth?

But the most shameful event of the past week was the Helsinki Summit. To actually see our president side with our enemy over his own country was horrifying. A man who invaded Crimea, invaded Ukraine proper, propped up a dictator in Syria, interfered in elections around the world, including ours, persecutes LGBT in his own country, assassinates critics of his, and uses nerve agents to kill people in other countries is more truthful than the hardworking people who work in our intelligence agencies, and the rest of our government, including Congress.

That’s what President Trump believes after he sided with Putin instead of standing up for the U.S.

I was never one of those people who actually believed Russia had anything on Trump. But after the assault on our national security by our very own president I’m genuinely beginning to wonder. Everything Trump did this past week was for Russia’s benefit only. Why?

William Wilson

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