LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Attention must be paid in school shootings

In following the murders of 10 people at Santa Fe High School, Texas, by a student, I think the incident could have been prevented had the two “Resource Monitors” (armed employees of the high school) been more observant. The student who killed the two teachers and eight students wore a trench coat every day to school and this should have caught the attention of one or both of the resource monitors since the long trench coat was the perfect concealment garment for a weapon.

These armed employees were hired to notice and question the reason for a student wearing a long top coat to school and stop such students at the school’s entrance door and he/she be asked to open the long coat for a daily check of what could be hidden underneath. Otherwise the two resource monitors are not doing their job efficiently. How unreasonable is it to take notice of a long coat worn everyday by a student? The two armed employees were paid to take notice of such oddities and be proactive in discovering what could be secreted by the coat.

The student shooter had brought in “bombs” before the fatal day he armed himself with a shotgun and a handgun hidden beneath his long trench coat and were brought into the school with no fear of them being discovered by a nosy resource monitor at the school’s entrance door. A resource monitor should have made note of such an apparel being worn and if entrance door daily inspections were not being done, a shakedown inspection of the student’s locker is in order.. That is their (Resource Monitors) job!

Al Owens

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