Letter to the Editor: Balloons don’t only harm environment

I feel the need to respond to the article (June 13) “Grotto Pizza decreases balloon use.” I applaud their decision to help the wildlife and environment but this action could also go a step further.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to, not only be an instructor through a state agency, but attend seminars on many topics. One of those seminars has never left my mind through all the years that followed me up to the present.

Balloons are a hazard to humans as well as wildlife and the environment. I watched in horror the film of a young child biting a balloon, watching it pop and part of that balloon flew down the child’s throat and suffocated him. Definitely a picture that will stay with me until my dying day.

All of my grandchildren are grown, but now there are two great-grandchildren in my life and every time I see them with a balloon I cringe and my heart stops for a moment. It may sound silly but what I saw those many years ago happened, and may very have happened since and will continue to happen if adults aren’t careful and the age of the child isn’t taken into consideration when putting, (what most people consider a harmless object) into that little hand.

Take notice the next time you see a toddler with a balloon, watch and see where that balloon goes, eventually it will be at their mouths.

Hopefully, this will cause some thought to many with young children and some second thought as to what is a toy and what is not. And for those avid pet lovers, this applies to you as well.

Christine Ely-Spence

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