Letter to the Editor: Be careful what you wish for with the Blue Wave

Everything the Blue Wave in Delaware desired has appeared to come to fruition. We must be extremely careful that the Blue Wave does not become a Delaware Tsunami overpowering state justice, progress and security.

When one party is as strong as the Delaware Democratic Party manifests itself there is the problematic capability that the interaction presented between a two-party system could be endangered, effectively drawn into a one-way street to oblivion.

The result of no interaction between the two major parties, in any form, in any state of this union will succumb into an overwhelming quagmire of inept negativity and polarization of economic progress.

If the powerful legislative bodies take unilateral control of their state or nation there is no other option available than to acquiesce to the current leadership without question of those leaders until the unanticipated bitter end. No progressive action can be accomplished if the party in power stamps a “no sale” sign on any opposing option offered by their across the aisle counterparts.

This is not what America stands for or warrants to maintain its growth, success and respect we have sought since our founding fathers elected to release the bondage of English rule. A direct communication recourse must be secured by all political factions involved to assure a productive future for us all with the realization of interrelationships confirmed.

If barriers are erected in this quest for progress and are unable to be removed then all avenues and effective paths to achieve successful American goals will vanish into obscurity.

Our nation now has elected and extended the Senate majority remaining in crimson while the Blue Wave majority in the House is presenting many intriguing possibilities.

Will the House be able to interact with the Senate and the executive branch to reach amiable and beneficial plans for our beloved country or will the political sword of destiny blight any feasible working relationship among the governing units of our lives?

The exchange of ideas and compromise must be on the threshold of achieving the many tasks America faces at home and abroad. Let this be a new beginning for all concerned to put America first and resolve any issues standing in the way to our future American success in all areas of discussion and resolution.

Americans cannot comprehend the inadequacies presented within our governmental units when America’s future is based on their correct decision making judgments. Get the job done!

No squabbling allowed when America needs your guidance and wisdom to be at its utmost zenith. We all deserve your very best and will tolerate no less. The focus of our future is the priority issue in question. Do not fail in your elected assignments. If properly implemented we will have the opportunity to gather together and listen to all perspective ideas, theories and beliefs to decide what will be the just solution for a flourishing America.

If that communication is stifled in any manner, we will be challenged to overcome the adverse parties who are withholding our American dream from all Americans. Justice will be ratified and confirmed.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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