LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Beware the June surprise

Every June the worst legislation is saved for last. State Sen. Harris McDowell has introduced Senate Bill 265 that will cost Delmarva Power customers a bundle.

Your electric bill breaks out the cost of the infuriating Bloom Energy fuel cell project, and for out-of-state wind farms that increased electric bills, but sent jobs elsewhere. This adds about 10 percent to your bill, or about $100 a year. Now such projects no longer need your money to succeed.

Current law requires freezing such subsidies if a 3 percent cap is exceeded. The cap was exceeded in 2012. So why hasn’t there been a freeze? The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), delayed calculating the cost for five years, ignored the Bloom Project cost, and then manipulated the numbers so a 10 percent premium came out to about zero!

Years of battles by the Public Advocate and the Caesar Rodney Institute finally paid off by moving regulatory responsibility to the Public Service Commission. The PSC will do an honest cost calculation that will result in a freeze. SB 265 returns regulatory power to DNREC, and allows them to make their crooked calculation, and to ignore the Bloom cost. The real effect is there will be no cost cap protection at all.

Call Sen. McDowell at 302-744-4147 and ask him to withdraw the bill. Also, ask your elected senator and representative to defeat SB 265.

David T. Stevenson
Caesar Rodney Institute

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