Letter to the Editor: Biden Foundation protecting children

Throughout Delaware, every day hundreds of children receive much needed assistance and support from over 50 youth-serving organizations who receive grant funds from Discover Bank. These organizations empower Delaware’s children to be bold, to be creative and to thrive. The safety and welfare of the children they serve is paramount to these organizations, and to Discover Bank.

Through community reinvestment, we aim to help our partners build a stronger populace by strengthening its core foundation — children. When we learned about the Beau Biden Foundation’s Shield of Protection Initiative, we saw an incredible opportunity for our partners.

Launched in 2017, the foundation’s Shield of Protection Initiative is a one-of-a-kind program. The foundation’s team of experts work with staff at partner organizations to take a deep dive into everything the organization does to protect children from abuse — from background check policies to prevention education. After the initial assessment, the foundation guides partners through an action plan to improve their policies, procedures and programming. In the end, organizations have the most robust protective policies and the best trained staff.

Discover Bank is proud to announce and offer additional funding in the amount of up to $150,000 for Shield of Protection Assessments for all 50 of our youth-serving partners. Discover Bank has been established a specific fund with the Delaware Community Foundation to finance these assessments. We have also identified an initial group of our grantees — representing all three of Delaware’s counties — to begin the process of building the gold standard of child protection policies.

Over the next two years, we look forward to watching this partnership enrich the lives of children throughout Delaware. Communities will be stronger when children can flourish in an environment where they’re safe from all forms of abuse.

James J. Roszkowski
President of Discover Bank

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