Letter to the Editor: Biden is not the one out of touch

There is an old saying, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.” A saying which should be considered by Katrina Pierson who is Trump’s senior adviser for his re-election campaign. (Commentary, April 2)

She tries to indicate VP Joe Biden is out of step with his party’s progressive movement and his stand for woman’s rights. She claims he is out of step with the times. Considering who she works for, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

She suggests if Biden wants to help the woman’s movement he should support the six women seeking the presidential nod. She knows Biden is the front runner among the announced candidates male and female by a wide margin. The women for now are in the single digits.

May I remind her during her party’s last presidential primary, there was only one female candidate, and Trump annihilated, embarrassed, degraded her in front of millions of viewers? And never apologized.

Unlike Trump who blames all problems on others, in recent events this week, Biden took full responsibility, stood up again for a woman’s right to speak out.

Biden has passed more major legislation for their causes than most who have served. Any major legislation in the works for the woman’s movement on the table on the Trump agenda?

Many of us during our lifetime have made mistakes, and some of the things we thought were proper then, are not ‘politically correct’ today. Some can change with the times, Biden does, Trump does not.

I have worked on all of Biden’s U.S. Senate campaigns, and I have seen him change with the times, because he is a people person. He has always been a friend of the working class. He is one who can work legislation across the aisle.

One example I can think of; when Obama had a problem getting a budget approved, Republican Mitch McConnell asked for Biden to work with him. Problem solved, budget passed.

Ms. Pierson is attempting to do her job, which is to get her boss re-elected. Biden is the only threat in her way.

If there is anyone out of step with the times, it is her boss.

Frank B. Calio

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