Letter to the Editor: Biden unqualified for president

Joe Biden’s frequent misstatements may be an indication that he is lacking important cognitive abilities but if that’s not the case, the current example demonstrates another aspect of his mind that should disqualify him as a presidential candidate.

The story about the service member who didn’t think he deserved the medal that the former Senator was pinning on him is very compelling. Biden is right to tell it because it serves to make us proud of the soldier, his bravery and what it means to lose a fellow warrior. It’s a great story. The trouble is, the only feature of the story that Biden accurately expressed was the emotional part.

The soldier was motivated by very noble emotions so that is the most important thing but Biden’s telling of the tale was wrong on all of the details. So even though it’s an important story and worthy of being repeated at a campaign event, Biden didn’t bother to learn the facts or he didn’t remember them or he didn’t think they mattered.

Take your pick, but any of these reasons testify to the fact that Joe Biden is not qualified to be President.

Rob Crimmins

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