Letter to the Editor: Biden will bring back truth and leadership

Ladies, it is time to get some backbone and grow up. Joe Biden has always been a person with great empathy for others. More than can be said for the current resident of the White House.

Having worked for 45 years around truck drivers, mechanics and bikers I have heard it all and been hugged many times. Not every action by men has sexual undertones. When it does, then stand up for yourself. You are not children if you are running for political office. If you can’t turn around and confront a man then you cannot stand up for the people of your state or this country.

Looks to me like a lot of people are running scared of Joe Biden as he is a true leader who can win back our allies and put our country back on a path to truth and respect. Yes, I am a registered Republican, but certainly didn’t vote for the current White House resident and will change that in order to vote for Biden in the primary and hopefully the general election.

Let’s bring truth and true leadership back to a country that has lost both.

Doris W. Draper

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