Letter to the Editor: Biden’s conflicts of interest

We have all heard Joe Biden say, “I have no knowledge of my son’s dealings in Ukraine.” Listening to Marie Yovanovitch testify at the impeachment hearings, I noticed a huge problem with Joe’s story. Yovanovitch testified that before her confirmation hearing to become ambassador to Ukraine on May 18 2016, she was coached by the Obama administration, repeatedly, on what to say if asked about Joe, Hunter and Burisma.

Marie was told to say “please refer that question to the office of the vice president” Joe Biden. So since May 18 ,2016, questions about Hunter Biden and Burisma have been going to the office of the vice president. When Joe was asked on live TV, in 2019, at a rally Joe was holding. “Joe do you have any knowledge of your son Hunter and his role as board member of Burisma?” Joe said he had never spoken to Hunter about his Ukraine dealings and had no knowledge of any of Hunter’s dealings there.

I guess Obama forgot to tell Joe, and Joe’s staff never told Joe about the questions they were being asked, and Joe did not read the NYTs 2015 article about the conflict of interest with hunter and Burisma. So, someone is not telling the truth and we all know who.

Its no wonder Obama would not endorse Joe, Obama knew about this huge conflict of interest problem and had already been dealing with it.

Jay Pratt

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