Letter to the Editor: Bigger problems in church

This is in response to Ms. Pritchett’s letter on June 1. She questions Joe Biden’s morality. Vice President Biden is running for president. His personal belief in Roe vs. Wade is consistent with the majority of America.

She states that as a Catholic, he must follow the teachings of the Holy Father. Even though John Kennedy didn’t follow the Holy Father’s teaching, he was still deemed not qualified to be an independent president because he was tied to the apron strings of the Holy Mother Church.

I think Pope Frances is a good man. He is trying to change the church for the better, i.e., allow Catholics to use condoms. This change has been blocked by a group of Cardinals in the Vatican. Ms. Pritchett refers us to the Catechism as a resource. I refer her to the book I just finished entitled “Inside the Vatican Closet.” The author states that 20% of these Cardinals are pedophiles. If she questions this, than I point her to the June 1 paper with an article entitled “Catholic church reports big rise in sex abuse allegations.”

If Ms. Pritchett is really concerned with children, then I suggest she focuses on the thousands of children who have been assaulted by pedophile priests instead of embryos that haven’t even been born yet.

Paul Donnelly

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