Letter to the Editor: Blunt Rochester should represent all citizens

I received a letter from Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, dated Jan. 17, 2019, regarding the partial government shutdown.

Unfortunately, I feel her letter was one-sided in not mentioning the role of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats as part of the failure to end the partial shutdown. Our president had tried to negotiate with her and at one point had offered security for the DACA recipients (many of whom actually do NOT fit the criteria of having been brought here as children) along with funding for the barrier.

Then on Jan. 25, 2019, he compromised further by approving the end of the partial government shutdown for three weeks, during which time all sides could finally reach an agreement. As for funding for the wall, I hope Congresswoman Blunt Rochester will support Sen. Ted Cruz’s legislation to use El Chapo’s some 14 billion dollars of assets (seized by our government) to build the wall. How appropriate it would be to use “drug money” to build a wall to help stop drugs flowing into this country and to secure our Southern border.

Under our president’s leadership, the unemployment rate has dropped considerably for our black citizens but I have never heard Congresswoman Blunt Rochester talk about that. Nor have I heard her talk about how abortion, which she supports, is killing mostly lack babies. Also, Congresswoman Blunt Rochester has been reported as supporting making Delaware a sanctuary state. How would that promote the security of her constituents?

And where does she stand on an issue promoted by some in her party to allow illegals to have the right to vote and be included in the 2020 census. My mother-in-law went through many hardships (such as being returned home for some time) to come legally from Mexico, including proving that she was in good health and that she would not become a welfare burden on others. She learned English and worked hard on the farm and in part time jobs while raising six children.

On one item after another, it seems apparent that Congresswoman Blunt Rochester is contributing to moving our country further and further to the left, something already evident when Obama was president and she was one of his dedicated followers.

But what about what is best for her Delaware constituents/U.S. citizens of all colors and parties? She is our only Delaware representative in the U.S. House but unfortunately she seems to focus on issues and people who support her liberal views and those of her party, joining Pelosi and other liberal Democrats in Congress who work full time to oppose our duly elected president at every opportunity.

And what about how Democrat representatives and senators in Congress claim to represent the poor yet, during difficult times when negotiations should not halt, some were instead enjoying a nice time in warm Puerto Rico or Hawaii. Then just before the president announced plans, on Jan. 25, to reopen the government, Pelosi had already adjourned the House for a long weekend. What about instead elected legislators staying to continue to work to resolve the partial shutdown, to guarantee national security, and to resolve other pressing issues vital to their constituents?

I hope Congresswoman Blunt Rochester changes her views about focusing so much on supporting the leftist agenda and instead does what is best for all the people of Delaware. Our Delawareans and our state need support for what will benefit the safety, health, and prosperity of all.

Frederick C. Smiga

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