LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bonini should use transportation funds wiser

In this week’s installment of “Follow The Money Trail,” we see that Wesley College has now received $1,000,000 from the Longwood Foundation to renovate the old Dover Public Library building.

This is on top of the $750,000 that was misappropriated last fall by Sen. Colin Bonini from the residents of his 16th Senatorial District to support the sweetheart real estate deal for the city of Dover and Wesley College. Let’s see if I have all of this straight:

a. Wesley College gets a building for a $1.

b. The city of Dover gets $750,000 of the 16th Senatorial District’s Community Transportation Funds to improve their city’s streets and roads.

c. The residents of the 16th Senatorial District get – oops, nothing.

And to further frustrate any reasonable citizen, Sen. Bonini, in the same Delaware State News June 22 edition, is reported as arguing with DelDOT officials about the amount of Community Transportation Funds allotted to each legislator in the new budget. He wanted $8,000,000 more to spread around. Says Bonini, “… there should instead be more money going to legislators, who he said are generally better suited to responding to the needs of their individual districts”. Gee, Senator, if this is the way you treat your constituents, I sincerely hope they don’t give you any more taxpayer money to fritter away.

Secretary Cohan, please stick to your guns, because I agree with the antiquated notion that Community Transportation Funds should be used for ”repaving roads, adding traffic signals, building sidewalks, etc.” instead of helping to buy buildings in the city of Dover that will host “a state-of the-art educational facility with a health-care component”.

While certainly being a laudable goal, nowhere in that phrase do I see the word “transportation.” That money could have funded a study to start planning a bypass around Magnolia that would rid us of the horrendous traffic volume we’ve had dumped on our front porches.

Senator, you might want to take a page from one of your colleagues in the legislature who understands the role you should be fulfilling as an elected official. That would be Rep. Charles Postles, from the 33rd Representative District, who has agreed to commit $10,000 of his CTF money to help the town of Magnolia repair some sections of our roadways back to DelDOT standards. Our sincere thanks go out to him.

James Frazier
Mayor, Town of Magnolia

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