LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bump stock debate

I hear a lot on this issue of bump stocks. Personally, I don’t own one, but I can see the novelty of such a device. But, The issue is the “lethality” of such a device, and its legal status in Delaware. Currently, HB 300 has been signed into law.

But will it save any lives? Will it make any children safer while they are at school? Regarding Bill Clemens’ letter on bump stocks and high-capacity magazines (“NRA’s contributions to mass killings,” June 24), being his own opinion, and perfectly free to have, to myself at least, is misinformed.

High-capacity magazines will do nothing to increase the rate of fire. His argument is, that these devices “bump stocks and high-capacity magazines have been responsible for most of the mass killings over the last four decades.” By using this logic then, we should look to ban all after-market items for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Anything that can be labeled at “high performance,” as these items alter a vehicle to enable it to drive faster than intended and are responsible for the most auto accidents in America — and not hold the drivers of the vehicles responsible for their actions by modifying their vehicles to perform better than intended.

This is, by no definition, or meaning an insult to Mr. Clemens. He has the right to voice his opinion, and I applaud him for doing so, and engaging in this huge public debate.

But at the end of the day, it boils down to one simple fact. There is always someone behind the firearm, operating it. When someone takes any firearm training course, the very first thing they teach is this, never point your firearm at anything you are not willing to shoot.

And sadly, no legislation, no law, no snap of the fingers, is going to stop evil people, from doing evil things. And you don’t come down on the many, for the actions of a very minor few.

Carl Disque
New Castle

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