LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Caesar Rodney High students, staff a force for change

On the morning of March 14, nearly 200 students gathered with us in the Caesar Rodney High School auditorium to discuss issues connected to school security, firearms legislation and other concerns.

Sparked by the tragedy that struck Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida a month earlier, the Town Hall meeting was organized by school principal Dr. Sherry Kijowski and Advanced Placement Comparative Government teacher Jay McCormick, who did an exceptional job proctoring and emceeing the event.

In inviting us to the meeting, Dr. Kijowski expressed her opinion “that students need to see the power of legislated change and to have the opportunity voice their concerns with people who can make a difference at the local, state, and national level.”

The hour-long gathering was that belief put into practice. The students were knowledgeable, civil, and organized in their expressed opinions and questions to the panel. This was not just an academic exercise but resulted in dialogue that we believe will influence existing measures or lead to the creation of new policy.

In their thoughtful conduct, the students and staff of Caesar Rodney High School set an example of the positive force public schools can be in fostering engaged citizens that will participate in informed debate and help craft better legislation.

State Sen. Brian Bushweller and State Reps. Trey Paradee, Charles Postles, Jeff Spiegelman and Lyndon Yearick

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