Letter to the Editor: Capital School District referendum doesn’t add up

In this upcoming referendum for the Capital School District I feel that the advertising is misleading by using the “average value” of homes in the district. Just how many homes fall in this category?

My house, because of work done has an assessed value of $91,100, which puts my home value at around $380,000. If question No. 1 passes, I will be paying an extra $91.10 by the year 2024. Question No. 2 will cost me an extra $156.15 by the year 2024. Question No. 3 will cost me $327.96 by the year 2024. Adding these amounts together is a total of $574.61.

If the Capital School District referendum passes and the DelTech bill passes that would be a tax increase of $1166.61in.

If I have to start spending more then my retirement income, then I will have to start spending my retirement savings that is supposed to take care of me if I need extra care. Unlike the school district I cannot go to the government or the citizens of the school district and say I need more money in my retirement.

I have no children in this school district. I have no grandchildren in this school district. I do not feel that I should have to continue to support this or any other school district as it moves into the future. If you want seniors to support your increases then all of the school districts need to lobby the state to restore the funding that the schools used to receive.

The second thing is that the schools districts need to support a bill to “freeze” school taxes for senior citizens reaching their 65th birthday. I have paid school taxes for 45 years either as a homeowner or a renter and think that is more than enough time and money from me. I think that there are a lot of senior citizens in this state that feel the same way.

Richard Kepfer

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