Letter to the Editor: Carbon fee will help reduce climate change

Coastal storms and climate change present great risks to Delaware. We are the lowest-lying state in the union, most vulnerable to sea level rise.

I recently attended the Resilient and Sustainable Communities League Summit in Dover, and was heartened to learn at the Summit that for every dollar spent on hazard mitigation, we can save six dollars in future disaster costs, and our state is investing in reducing the risk. So Bravo Delaware! Keep up the good work.

Federal action is also needed to curb climate change. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 7173), a bipartisan bill, is a market-based approach that will drive the nation’s carbon emissions down by 40 percent within 12 years.

How? By putting a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas, the bill will drive down carbon pollution and encourage energy companies and consumers to move toward cleaner, cheaper options. The money collected from the carbon fee will be allocated in equal shares every month to the American families to spend as they see fit. It’s revenue neutral and a win-win strategy.

So let’s reduce the root cause of climate change and tell our Congress we want action on climate.

Joan Flaherty
Rehoboth Beach

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