Letter to the Editor: Carbon tax not necessary

This letter was originally going to be a reply to Joan Flaherty’s Dec. 14 letter to the editor in which she advocated for a carbon tax to help reduce climate change. Then I saw rebuttals in today’s (Dec. 15) paper under “Sound Off Delaware,” and realized I need to respond to them as well. Kudos to every one of them.

What does Ms. Flaherty think the cause is for the climate changes that occurred prior to the Industrial Revolution? To what does she attribute other planets’ climate changes? Scott Berry answered that; it is solar activity. I learned that a number of years ago! At that same presentation we learned that the carbon levels in the atmosphere actually follow solar activity; they do not cause it or precede it.

Alternative energy is much more expensive and intermittent. Not all of it can be stored.

Climate change has become a huge business, and some people have increased their wealth by preying on the uninformed and misinformed. If these people truly believed what they are saying, they would have a different lifestyle. It isn’t so much about climate as it is about redistribution of wealth (ours).

Lorraine O. Gloede

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