Letter to the Editor: ‘Careful consideration’ needed in politics

On the Opinion page of the Delaware State News Nov. 12, I read an interesting “all on the same page” comparison of views from a Republican(“Labeling President Trump as a Racist is Absurd”) and from a Democrat (“How Soon they Forget?”)

It got me to thinking: So how are we “everyday citizens” to thoughtfully and responsibly decide which party/side to support?

I decided: Maybe considering items like the following ones could help us “sort it out”?

1. Not surprisingly in life, there seem to be “bad apples” and “hypocrites” on “each side.” And it also seems reasonable to conclude that “the whole should not be judged by those few.”

2. Both sides have their hypocrites, accusing the other side of this or that, while neglecting to mention a similar action on their own side. But which situations are the most revealing? For example, is it “alleged obstruction of justice” or is it “proven destroyed computer evidence?”

3. Both sides have used demonstrations, but which side has held demonstrations that caused the most actual property and personal harm?

4. Both sides have examples of “name calling,” none of which is appropriate, but which examples of “name calling,” while still wrong, were largely due to “the emotion of the moment,” and which ones were deliberate calls for continuing harassment towards another person or persons?

It seems reasonable to conclude that “no party is perfect and no candidate is perfect” but perhaps careful consideration of proven facts from “each side” might help each voter discern who to best support and vote for to achieve the goal of building a nation marked by peace, the rule of law, prosperity for all, and the opportunity for each citizen to experience the joy of having achieved his/her full potential.

Karen Smiga

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