LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Carper should be retired

Tom Carper is running for re-election to the U.S. Senate. He has been in elected office since 1976, a total of 42 years. This election if successful, would have him in office for 48 years. He was elected to State Treasurer in 1976; U.S. House 1982; Governor 1992; U.S. Senate 2000. How much feeding from the taxpayer’s trough is enough? Isn’t it time he moved on to a deserved retirement? What has he accomplished in life beyond being on the government payroll? Any work place achievements? He did serve in the Navy, which is commendable.

Can anyone name a singular accomplishment that is his and his alone while serving in Congress? He has been a reliable Democrat vote at the call of Harry Reid and now Chuck Schumer in the Senate. He never deviates from the party line on important legislation. He is the embodiment of the establishment and a longterm member of the swamp. He also receives mention in Peter Schweizer’s well-documented book, “Throw them All Out,” for making some timely stock purchases with information his committee was privy to.

Unfortunately the Democrat opposing him in the primary is at least an order of magnitude worse, more radical and further to the extreme left than he is. So the only hope for change is to elect a Republican for Senate this fall.

Tom Carper represents much that is wrong with the U.S. today, a career politician, an insider and member of the swamp. He should be retired by the voters.

Richard Timmons

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