LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Carper’s voice should not be silenced

The U.S. Senate is often called the “upper chamber” and is different from the “House” of Representatives in several ways.

The senators are elected every six years, not every two, as the “House” does. That separates the election cycles so that a “wave” of any moment does not taint both officials.

The Senate is different in that it grants more influence (or power) by seniority; thus a multi-termed senator, like Sen. Carper, has more influence and thus more value to those who elect him.

I bring this up because I see a concentrated effort to discredit our senior senator by some invisible PAC spending millions of dollars on misleading advertisements. That money is not from Delawareans but a nationally funded “unknown” group who seeks to quiet a voice of moderation and a true representative of Delaware.

Tom Carper has shown his ability to work with fellow senators from both sides of the aisle and always puts Delaware first. He is not a “wave” candidate but a moderate voice who cannot be labeled left wing or ultra conservative. I will be voting for him and, most importantly, I will be voting. You should too.

Peter Couming

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