LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Checks and balances

In 1993 Gov. Carper had eight straight sessions with 10 percent increases of his budget. He ignored how bad off our “fresh water supply” was and failed to act, setting the stage for now only having just 10 percent and 90 percent polluted with nitrates and chemicals.

Flush with a healthy budget, Gov. Carper ignored how bad our air was, some of the worst in the country. It stank.

Gov. Minner was dealt a bad hand. She spent most of her time cleaning up Carper’s leftover and developing scandals of the State Police, the Delaware River & Bay Authority; and the federal takeover of the Psychiatric Center and the prison.

Delaware is next to last of the 50 states in cancer, 16th in opioid deaths with a 241 percent rise in last 10 years. 94 percent of our ozone air is polluted by Pennsylvania and Carper’s home state of West Virginia’s coal-fired electric generation plants. He pretends to fight for us now; when he was governor, he did not care. I pray thinking primary voters will balance his 42-year account on Sept. 6. Let him collect his four government pensions on his 72nd birthday. Our sustainability depends on it.

Albert S. Jackson


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