Letter to the Editor: Chesapeake crossing change

I am writing in response to the article titled (“Another Chesapeake crossing could change Delmarva”) Feb. 17.

I have mixed emotions about a new Chesapeake Bay bridge crossing on Delmarva. My opinion is based on where on the peninsula I livem which is the town of Smyrna. If we want to travel to Baltimore, we have to go south and west to the bay bridge then back north to Baltimore or go north toward Newark and back south on I-95 to Baltimore.

A bigger issue is anyone in Kent and Sussex wanting to travel to Lancaster or Harrisburg, Pennsylvania have to deal with northern Delaware traffic chaos in the Newark-Wilmington area then travel west through Pennsylvania which has terrible two-lane roads and aging infrastructure as well. I like choices 1 through 4 but it will create even more population in Kent and Sussex counties.

Most people who have recently moved to Delaware the past decade are running from high taxes and will create the same issues here they are running away from. Realistically I think they should build a new span next to the current bay bridge. This will help keep our farmers and environment in better shape. Not to mention our population on Delmarva won’t skyrocket anymore than it already is!

It’s sad how much farmland we’ve lost in the last 15 years. Now for the purpose of why I think they want to build an additional bridge. It’s to get people to and from the Delmarva beaches as quickly as possible. All these beach towns can’t handle the traffic and population we have now.

Many of us in Kent County don’t want to hassle with traffic south at the beaches so if we want to get away for a weekend we travel west to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Many great small towns with things to do and waterfront businesses. No matter where they put a new bay bridge, whether it be north or south of Kent Island, it will create more housing developments and traffic on Delmarva.

I wouldn’t want to be the one who makes the decision on where a new bay bridge would go but I hope the best choice will be made for our environment and residents.

John Messina Jr.

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