Letter to the Editor: Choice is not immigrants over veterans

In a commentary on Nov. 18 in the DSN by Jane Brady, current chairwoman of the Delaware Republican Party, she asserted that experts have said that it will take another nine years to create an electronic medical records system (EHR) for all our injured in combat veterans and those who develop health issues, while she bemoaned the HR3525 recently passed bill calling for the creation of a universal electronic medical records system in 90 days for illegal immigrants in the custody of the border patrol.

We are not choosing between immigrants or our veterans as Ms. Brady asserted due to recent developments setting the stage for “everyone” to have single health care records and a potential lifetime of continuous care if we care to begin caring for humanity.

An article on July 25 in the Vantage Point blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs advised that the VA’s long awaited electronic health care record solution recently hit a major milestone by successfully transferring 23.5 million health care records to a shared data center with the U.S. Department of Defense in unity with the Department of Veterans Affairs setting the stage for turning the old system off and turning the new “go-live” VA electronic health care system solution on in the next year.

Not only will it provide for universal health care records for veterans and a lifetime of continuous care for them, but if we dare to think outside the box, this system can be eventually be adopted worldwide in the future if all countries leaders and governments can begin working to resolve their animosities and their lust for power and wealth that has created centuries of inequality for the masses.

We must begin this revolution by being the positive role models. Hope lives eternal as millions of refugees will attest worldwide.

Bill Clemens
Rehoboth Beach

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