Letter to the Editor: Choose wisely in 2020

If you follow the news as I have for decades, you can only gaze in wide wonder as CNN has exposed itself as a supermarket tabloid joke of a news organization. Shame on Jeff Zucker and any so-called journalist who has decided to advance the socialist agenda and impeachment at any cost.

I did not agree with almost all of the Obama-Biden agenda, but stood firmly as an American behind our elected leaders — almost unbearably so after seeing a second hoodwinking in 2012.

Socialism is a dirty word, always has been, always will be, just ask the folks in Hong Kong. We the people will always require a multi-party system to sustain our unique experiment.

I challenge the voters of 2020 to look closely at the future plans for our government’s wannabe leaders and choose as if your life and your children’s future depend on it. The states of our great nation should be reclaiming some of our lost rights, i.e. federal department of education is a tool to mislead our children in how our nation is governed. How else could so-called educated adults swallow Engels, Marx or Lenin nonsense.

T.S. Clark

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