Letter to the Editor: Clearing up misconceptions of Trump

Mr. Johnson, I read your opinion letter (“Labeling President Trump as a racist is absurd,” Nov. 12).

Our current POTUS wouldn’t have this dubious distinction heaped upon him if he didn’t make those remarks about people not from the U.S. or his disparaging remarks about women.

Let’s look at his supposed action(s) you visited upon. As for the shoplifitng incident with the UCLA college students’ in China, his influence was not required, the State Department already had this under control.

The woman he got released (Alice Marie Johnson) didn’t get a pardon. Her sentence was commuted. She had a bad hand dealt to her in life, but involving herself in a drug ring was poor decision making. Look up her record.

As for pardoning Jack Johnson. bad use of a pardon. Our former POTUS (Obama) did review his case. there was no action because pardons can sometimes become political issues. He (Obama) had the DOJ look into it but as Eric Holder said “It should not be the president handing this out. The state that wrongfully accused him and imprisoned him should clear him of the charges.”

The three Asians that were held in DPRK were not withheld for years. Only one had been in jail since 2015 and there release was part of the talks between both countries. And what crippling regulations did he rescind? The economy was on its way to recovery.

As for prison reforms he ended a lot of Obama-era reforms, which did a lot of good, with nothing to replace them. Let the states begin the reforms first and work with them to start fixing some of the federal laws that are just draconian.

The NFL issue he should have stayed out of. His job is to run the country, not meddle in another organization’s issues. Before 2009 the NFL players were not required to be out on the field when the anthem is played. And why this verbal tirade about the Democratic party and their misdeeds? The Republicans’ hands are just as dirty. Why don’t we stop all this rhetoric about left/right and name calling and go back to being a country and ultimately human?

Lonnie Brewer

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