Letter to the Editor: Climate change is caused by human pollution

In response to the letter from Lorraine Gloede of Dover, Jan. 3, I fear she has been reading misleading arguments about global climate change. Contrary to her suggestion, solar activity does not cause the global warming we are experiencing. It is human caused carbon pollution that is making our temperatures climb.

Reading reputable sources like NASA and Scientific American might inform your readers that there are sun cycles in which the sun’s irradiation goes up and down about every 11 years, increasing from 1365 watts per square meter (W/m2) to 1367 and then back down again.

This is only a temporary increase of 0.15 percent, far too small to affect the temperature increases we have observed, melting the glaciers and ice caps, among other effects. By contrast, the amount of carbon pollution we emit and the consequent concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere keeps going up and up, from 250 to over 400 ppm and continuing to climb, not going up and back down again as sunspots/solar activity do.

This ever-increasing CO2 concentration is what is causing 17 out of the 18 hottest years ever on record to have occurred in this century. Last century, we had only one year in the top 18, namely the peak year of 1998, which record has been surpassed by many of our 21st century record highs. The rest of the 1900s was much cooler. The planet is warming and it is human pollution that is causing it.

For more details on this conclusion, read the findings of America’s top scientists, even under the current administration and you will get the same answer. Read the conclusions of the top world’s scientists, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the top scientists of Great Britain and every other countries’ top scientists.

They all conclude that global warming is caused by humans. When people find out that 97 percent of all scientists (and higher percentages of climate scientists) agree that humans are responsible, they often reconsider the false claims they have heard from those who favor polluting industries.

Charlie Garlow
Rehoboth Beach

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