LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clinton is the most qualified candidate for president

We are living in an age of information coming at us 24/7. The internet, 24 hour “news” TV shows, Facebook, Twitter and countless blogs, etc., none of which has any control on truth, are omnipresent.

Eight years ago, Hillary lost to President Obama, but that loss anointed her to be the most likely 2016 front runner for the Democratic Party’s nominee, and the consequences of that “spot” made her a target.

The Republican Party having suffered a defeat then, and again in 2012, adopted a defensive strategy which was to discredit their opponents, and Hillary was the most obvious victim. The constant attacking with continuing negative rhetoric at every opportunity has clouded her reputation, and, I would say, truly distorted it. The image the general public has is negative, or, at least, it is one not sure of her capability to lead us. That image misrepresents her real capabilities.

Reality is: no other person in history has been so closely a party to the office she now seeks. She was a front-row participant to how the president reacts and what information sources and advisors that leader has. She knows more about the presidency than anyone who ever ran for that office: through eight years at the “table” during her husband’s time in that office, as a member of the U.S. Senate during the Bush administration, and by closely watching for those tremulous years. Watching the results of a vote for war also helped out.

Sometimes a mistake that you make teaches you more than other decisions made that end up being the right moves.

Then, her former opponent, President Obama, with the Senate’s approval, appointed her to be Secretary of State and placed her at the table when another president functioned in that office. In fact, she was a participant in the decision-making process of the Oval Office.

We do not know what decisions the next president will have to make. There is no school which could adequately train a person for being president; but, I think, she has no peer when it comes to preparing for being president and is, hands down, the most qualified candidate now, and perhaps ever.

Peter Couming

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