LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clintons blatantly lying about Sanders’ plans

Hillary Clinton’s campaign recently reached a disgraceful low. She, speaking in Iowa, and her daughter, Chelsea, speaking in New Hampshire, both told three of the biggest whoppers without buns of the contest for president.

They publicly stated that candidate Bernie Sanders’ proposed single-payer Medicare-for-All health care proposal and act he presented in Congress would do the following: first, dismantle Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Obamacare; second, it would give state governors control over health care decisions and risk losing health care benefits; and third, claimed it would increase the cost of health care by increasing taxes on citizens and businesses, without mentioning [that] the elimination of totally unnecessary health insurance companies would save all of us thousands each year while providing total comprehensive health care to every one of our current and future fellow human beings. [“With her lead narrowing, Clinton rips into Sanders,” Associated Press article, Jan. 13]

Each one of these dishonest, irresponsible statements would win any liar’s contest.

We now have four research-proven popular program and cost-effective single-payer health care systems in our state and nation. These are Medicare, Medicaid, the VA system and Tri-Care for military personnel and retirees. A recent Kaiser Health Tracking poll shows 81 percent of Democrats support a single-payer system like Sen. Sanders wants to provide every citizen.

The Physicians for a National Health Program (pnhp.org) has 25 state and national single-payer research studies which document that with Sen. Sanders’ proposed national single-payer Medicare-for-All act, savings would enable even less of our current health care funds [to] be needed to provide comprehensive health care coverage for every person in our state and nation without the need for any extra health care insurance, co-payments or deductibles.

Our Delaware Health Security Coalition’s single-payer, non-government-run Delaware Health Security Act will be reintroduced in the 2016 session of our state Legislature. It is discussed on our nonprofit, nonpartisan DEinformedvoters.org website. It is one of the most research-proven program and cost-effective acts ever given our state’s elected decision-makers, and there is not a single defensible reason it should not be enacted and implemented.

These pathological political lies are why the Clintons have PhD degrees in political BS. The PhD stands for “piled higher and deeper,” and these lies are but examples of why their campaigns carry big shovels.

Dr. Floyd E. McDowell Sr.

Editor’s note: Dr. McDowell is chair of the Delaware Health Security Coalition. He can be reached at 832-2799 and via email at flydmcdwll@verizon.net.

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