LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Come in the right way

A great big round of applause to Else Adelhelm Ross on her letter in the Aug. 4, issue of the DSN. (“Legal immigration only way to enter country”).

The topic of immigration has been grueling, to say the least, and nothing, absolutely nothing has been done about it. Ms. Ross came into country the legally, which should be the same for everyone and did not expect anything other than to become a participating member of this great country.

She worked hard, learned the language, and understands fully, as is shown in her letter, that she followed the rules and regulations which earned her the right to be where she is today. I applaud her and others like her.

I too, have a friend who came here from Puerto Rico with her family when she was 6 years old. Understandably, the move was difficult, but again, she and her family went through the process, learned the language, and have been quite an asset to this country for many, many years. As with Ms. Ross, they did not come in illegally expecting to taken care of.

We have been friends for over 35 years, and I never tire of hearing her story; it is awesome.

Now, knowing full well the rules and regulations, not only immigrants, but our government leaders tend to break/bend them as well. There should be no debating of this issue at all — you either come across our borders legally or don’t come in at all. This is a cut/dry issue that has been drawn out since forever.

Unless the case involves war refugees, this crossing over daily “just because” has gotten way out of hand. Provisions are made for illegals the minute they come in. This should not be either. Turn them around and march them back across that border until they choose to come in the legal route.

You can bet your sweet “bippy” if any us of were cross over into any country illegally, we would be pushing up daisies or imprisoned. Time to let go of the liberal sentiment and follow the rules. Thank you Ms. Ross, your letter made my day.

Debbie Hilton

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