LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Commissioner supports Betty Lou McKenna

Betty Lou McKenna is the best choice to continue as the Recorder of Deeds for Kent County Levy Court. She is an advocate for securing all of your home ownership documents. Do not be scared by recent comments about your homeowner documents being insecure, Ms. McKenna has taken necessary steps to ensure that all documents are secure.

Speaking from an Information Technology expert point of view, I have reviewed many of the steps she has taken with the county technology group and can assure you that the chances for breach are nearly impossible.

Many of the changes that she has put into effect, from computerization to how documents are reviewed would prevent this type of theft. In fact, this is exactly why it happens in other states and not Kent County, because of the policies she has implemented.

Technology is key in the Recorder of Deeds. Ms. McKenna has taken steps that will ensure the Recorder of Deeds Office will maintain the best technology in future years. These steps impact just those who use the system, and not those who never use it.

Look for other changes in the Deeds Office when Ms. McKenna is sworn in in January. These changes will save all county residents tax dollars.

As a Levy Court commissioner, I am impressed with how she treats her employees and the residents of Kent County. She is always looking for new ways to improve the service that she provides and to ensure that her department has what it needs to provide that service.

When you go to the ballot box in November, remember that Betty Lou McKenna has your back. She always has and always will.

George “Jody” Sweeney

EDITOR’S NOTE: Incumbent Democrat Betty Lou McKenna faces Republican Eugenia Thornton in the upcoming election.

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