Letter to the Editor: Common sense needed with gun laws

My father was a Delaware State policeman. As such, he would frequently do shift work — would be gone all night —doing his night shift. Whenever he was gone my mother, since passed on, would keep a pistol on her night stand to protect herself, her home, and her children. There are now legislators who would outlaw her action, and declare her a “criminal.”

Can you imagine my mother, when confronted by an intruder, saying, “Excuse me, Mister Intruder, don’t do anything for a few minutes, while I look for the key to my weapon?”

Neither can I, but there are some who would require that.

And, if that intruder stole the pistol and my mother reported it, she would be arrested and called the “criminal.” Common sense? Hardly. It seems to me to be “common sense” for one to want to protect oneself and one’s property and children. But there are some among us who would turn that around, usurp the U.S. Constitution, and take away our right to protect ourselves.

I understand our Delaware Senate has failed to report out those “common sense” bills that would have criminalized my mother. Good for them.

It is time to put the lawbreakers in jail, and leave the innocent people alone.

Doug Van Sant


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