LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress assaults America during Kavanaugh drama

After viewing the ongoing senatorial investigative process initiated by Dr. Christine Ford’s accusation of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh in their high school days, there appears to be no doubt that Dr. Ford has suffered over a long period of time with the memory she holds of this horrific event; however, although she has made these uncorroborated statements, no one who was either in the room i.e. Mark Judge, or anyone else in this small gathering knew anything of that nature ever having had occurred.

She appears to have been accosted by someone in her past but, quite frankly, although these accusations to date cannot be confirmed, all they have established is the desecration of a good man who has never had such attacks presented in his entire life.

Democratic senators want to project and present Judge Kavanaugh as the poster boy for every evil, violent sexual attack experienced by the many victims of such horrendous atrocities.

These venomous Democratic senators have maintained that to fully clarify these devastating charges that an FBI investigation must be established. Today (Sept. 28) they have accomplished their latest demand; to delay the capability for Judge Kavanaugh to obtain a position on the SCOTUS.

So far, the Dems have progressed on their dedicated path that they believe Judge Kavanaugh must travel. Every senator seated on the committee will determine this man’s future who has had an exemplary personal life and professional career.

He has had the FBI previously vet him for all the previous assigned judicial positions he has held and currently holds. That is not good enough for the deeply angered Democrats who will attempt to do all within their power to relinquish any possibility for Judge Kavanaugh to achieve his goal of becoming a member of our most august judicial post.

The venom and hatred for this man expressed by certain Democratic senatorial members was astonishing, embarrassing and an unbelievable act of vengeance. These congressional demagogues have torn apart two families without thought to what all of their actions have brought to either family unit. The most imperative act they are pursuing is to strengthen their self-serving positions ensuring the most precious and important “R” word in their dictionaries — re-election no matter the cost or who may be hurt or destroyed. Some of these tainted specialists actually have their prized personal agendas focused on their own future runs for the Oval Office. God help us if any of these wannabes achieve their vaunted intent coming to fruition.

Let us pray that with this final FBI hoop that Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford must endure we will achieve justice, strength and truth to America while quieting the disgruntled Democratic senators who have expressed their angst of this judicial nominee and be in a more accommodating position to work across the aisle to free Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh and America from the hell that has been such a painful, disastrous and difficult trial of judgment for all persons involved. The truth shall set us free!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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