LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress just sent in the clowns

On July 12, the infamous FBI agent Peter Strzok appeared before congressional committees to defend his controversial text messages between himself and his then-FBI attorney/colleague/lover Lisa Page. His qualified statements included assorted offerings i.e., He didn’t recall sending certain verified texts; He would “love” to answer your question BUT the FBI directs me, due to ongoing investigations, I should not do so. How fortunate for Peter.

His personal preferential presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had no influence upon his investigative, skilled conclusions reached on the Clinton e-mail “matter” — not an “investigation”. Many thanks to Attorney General Loretta Lynch (who also showed no preferential treatment of the Clinton e-mail “investigation” — oops, “matter.”)

In regard to the query of who and why the changing of the Clinton email status from “criminally negligent” (a criminal offense) to the gentler, kinder nicety of “extremely careless” he advised he had changed the terminology on his computer. A little help from his friend Jim Comey perhaps? Of course, any self-respecting Clinton supporter would have done the same thing, right?

He also explained his strong personal preferences had not deterred him from his appointed tasks of the search for truth relative to any 2016 Russian-Trump campaign collusion and those troublesome Clinton emails.

He stated his texting messages to his paramour was just hyperbole. The “we” will stop Trump from ever becoming POTUS referred to “Americans” — not he, she or any of their like-minded comrades. He viewed Hillary’s expected victory would be “100,000 votes for HRC to “0” votes for DJT. His message concerning his visit to the Walmart where he could “smell” Trump supporters was again more personal observations — a figure of speech! No problem here!

In regard to Special Counsel Robert Mueller firing him from the team he explained it was not because Robert Mueller believed the text messages were biased but the public perception of these texts could be conceived as “biased” — harmful to Mueller’s investigations. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck — it’s a duck OR a Strzok.

Peter Strzok believes he, in his top-level FBI leadership role, should have been totally above reproach. His professionalism could set aside any clouded interference in his focus on an unbiased conclusion for truth.

However, his body language told a different story. The uplifted tilt of the head (checking to see if the sky were falling?); the sneering countenance expressions and superior stance during his entire painful review of his actions were reminiscent of another drama we viewed when the “Holier Than Thou” former FBI Director James Comey was on stage.

Strzok and Comey presented an excellent one-two team punch in their fabricated search for American truth. Their personal beliefs that Hillary Rodlham Clinton should be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC was irrelevant to their professional obligations and would never impair their unbiased search for justice.

They both were shamefully unworthy to have led the hard-working, dedicated FBI field agents who perform their difficult daily duties with diligence and commitment only to be shamefully betrayed by their top-level FBI leadership.

Congress played their part in the July 12 circus and contributed to the Strzok mayhem. Republicans were looking for answers from Strzok. Democrats played defense for Mr. “S” falling just short of proposing a nomination for Strzok sainthood. America deserves and expects the best results from our congressional membership. This was not what we received on July 12, 2018.

To rectify the current congressional polarization this can be achieved on Election Day Nov. 6, 2018. Remove all negative, obstructive demagogues from their incumbent positions. Cooperative, resourceful achievers must replace the “do nothings” we presently endure.

Working across the aisle is imperative to achieve a greater, more successful America. Cooperation by both parties must be established and maintained. The obstructive congressional negativity currently in place is damaging to America’s future. The detrimental efforts in the Hallowed Halls of Congress must be replaced by dynamic courses of action.

America requires that positive path to fulfill achievement fruition. That path has been detoured for far too long. Congressional change for the better will be a beginning tool to accomplish our goals. Out with the old antagonists and in with the new comprehensive representation.

May God Always Bless The United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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