LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congressional delegation letting Delaware down

It would be hard to exaggerate the poor representation the people of Delaware — as opposed to special interests — have in the U.S. Congress, but recent episodes might shed light on this ugly reality:

It became apparent that Sen. Chris Coons was the only Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee not opposing the confirmation of CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Green Delaware issued an action alert asking people to contact Coons about this. Coons responded with a press release saying “I will oppose [CIA] Director Pompeo’s nomination in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday,” correctly reciting various reasons the man is unsuitable to be Secretary of State.

But in the actual committee vote, Coons supported Pompeo by voting “present,” earning the emotional gratitude of the Trumpers and possibly ensuring that Pompeo would be confirmed by the Senate as a whole. He was. Coons claims this was only a courtesy to a fellow (Republican) senator, and that the committee would inevitably have given Pompeo a favorable report out. But Pompeo is an appalling choice. As Coons himself said: “On vital decisions facing our country, [CIA] Director Pompeo seems less concerned with rule of law and partnership with our allies and more inclined to emphasize unilateral action and the use of force.”

A responsible senator would have done everything possible to oppose the Pompeo nomination. Coons is as unsuitable to be a senator as Pompeo is to be Secretary of State.

More recently, both Sens. Coons and Carper were among 17 Democrats to vote for a bank deregulation bill. About this, Sen. Bernie Sanders noted in a tweet: “Are our memories so short that we have learned nothing from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression just 10 years ago? Unbelievably, Congress now wants to deregulate some of the same banks that helped cause the 2008 financial disaster.”

Shamefully, Delaware’s sole Congressperson, Lisa Blunt Rochester, was one of 33 Democrats to vote in favor. Overall, the people of Delaware lost 0 to 3.

Alan Muller
Green Delaware

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