LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider the health questions with illegal immigration

I don’t think the wall President Trump has been pushing the construction of on our southern border will do much to deter the cleverest and most resourceful of illegal immigrants while the stupid and the desperate will jump onto anything that floats seeking unguarded beachheads along our gulf and California coastlines. Despite the porousness of our border a wall might be of some help if a certain nightmarish scenario comes to pass. Although I am undecided on the matter of the wall those who think I’m uninformed about the associated costs and diplomatic difficulties should consider the main reason why I am vacillating.

I believe legal immigration and temporary work visas are largely beneficial to the United States. My grandmother legally emigrated from Eastern Europe as a young woman, alone; and never received as much as a dime of government assistance thereafter. My grandmother said that when she came to the United States she was given a medical examination at her port of entry before she was permitted to join up with her sponsor whom she was contracted to be employed by for four years in order to pay the expenses of her passage and keep. I believe the agreement she made with her sponsor was tantamount to a form of indenture; which is a nice way of saying it was slavery with a time limit.

A lot of people are inclined to speak about my grandmother’s experience in idyllic philosophical terms in order to justify the admission of illegal aliens today. I disagree with their presumptions because my grandmother observed the laws of this land and the procedures for immigrating here. What she did cannot be used to validate illegal immigration.

There is an ugly possibility when it comes to illegal immigration that no one has given voice. I don’t know if people are simply unaware of the horrifying possibilities regarding this problem or if they chose not to address it. This publicly unexamined prospect is extremely disquieting although I understand many people would say I’m an alarmist.

Those of a more liberal persuasion than me seem to have forgotten certain aspects of Ellis Island’s history that today would be considered a politically incorrect manner of managing mass human migrations. I suggest they read a little about tuberculosis. Maybe they should also read up on how Typhoid Mary was treated and the Spanish flu.

Under Carter’s Doomsday Scenarios it isn’t likely that a nuclear war will wipe out our species. A mountainous asteroid would eradicate us but doomsday scenarios take into account the probabilities associated with the extinction models. Naturally, I really don’t want to be around if either of the aforementioned events occur but the math suggests the most likely cause of our annihilation will be much less flashy. It’ll be a virus.

I understand that we supposedly have a lot of contagious diseases under control but the problem with viruses are these nasty little things have a way of mutating. The environments where they thrive and experience metamorphosis are largely populous areas. Think about the way meningitis and various flus spread in our educational institutions. Now think about 20 to 30 illegal immigrants living in a small building, possibly without public services.

So I ask people who are so welcoming of illegal immigrants how are you going to process them clinically in order to safeguard the health of the people of the United States? Do you think it is advisable to let them all in so that the impoverished can live in compromised conditions only to carry whatever they are incubating; that went unnoticed or untreated; onto our farms and into our homes?

If you think I am exaggerating consider the most likely cause of salmonella in our salads. They don’t talk about it on the TV like they used to when I was a kid because we are a very PC society now. Nevertheless I remember at least one outbreak that killed a bunch of people and the reported lack of sanitary conditions that caused it.

Carol Hotte


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