Letter to the Editor: Conspiracy, you say?

Since 2016 when our duly elected president has taken his office, we the people have endured a plethora of conspiracies to discredit the man and the office. First, there was the never-Trump movement with the CIA and FBI agents to prevent the president being seated. 2- there was the electoral college dustup, 3- the assaults by the paid liars in the molesting case, 4-the all-out efforts to belittle the reputations of appointees to prevent the efficient operation of government, 5-the clown show of Mueller and the Russian collusion, and 6-the collective effort by the legal districts controlled by the Democrats to block every edict regarding immigrants and illegals.

All of which have been shown to be intentionally perpetrated hoaxes. All of which have exposed the opposition as being guilty and yet there has been no repercussions for the guilty parties. And still these self-same persons persist in digging up even more bogus excuses to justify the ouster of the president and prevent the smooth workings of government all the while making out that nothing is done in government because of the Republicans opposition.

Now after utter failure and complete frustration, we are preparing for the circus to come to town once again in the form of impeachment hearings as another pitch to accomplish that which is just beyond their reach. Now treason accusations no less.

Let’s look at some facts. 1-All presidents have the option of dealing with friends, allies and enemies alike without the approval of Congress except in the declaration of total war. He may withhold or grant monies, material aid or assistance conditionally.

2-Joe Biden even brags of doing exactly what he now says Mr. Trump has no authority to do. He has done so with immunity, go figure.

3-Until the Democrats realized they could go down this road after the Russia fiasco old Uncle Joe adamantly had no intention to making a third run.

4-The president initiated an investigation into the Bidens’ action prior to any declaration by Joe to consider a run. All this by the way is perfectly legal.

5-Joe became a useful tool and was convinced or coerced for the good of the party to make a run. The opposition knew that making an investigation now would be illegal. The Democrats are now like ravenous wolves with a new tool because they know Uncle Joe has no chance of winning in 2020 but will be quite useful in their impeachment hearings and will be handsomely compensated.

So the circus is in town and we are going to pay to see it play out just as we paid to watch the Mueller collusion show. The cost is not unbearable but is a total waste.

Harry Todd

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