Letter to the Editor: Controlling reproductive rights

Kudos to Eric Morrison for an outstanding letter re: “Delaware abortion bills all about controlling women,” March 1. The anti-choice crowd continues to insist that we grant rights to a fertilized egg that we living people do not have — the right to attach itself to a living person’s life support systems against their will.

Further, if men want to control my reproductive rights, I want to control theirs, i.e. if you actively work toward denying my right to abortion, you must first sign up for the only birth control method that is 100 percent effective – abstinence.

The line forms on the right guys but don’t worry, it won’t be a very long line, in fact, if there is anyone on it at all I will be surprised. If you cannot impregnate anyone, the abortion debate becomes moot, so sign up boys.

Reps. Richard Collins and Bryant Richardson want to revive the antiquated “anatomy is destiny” idea but they are only 40 years out of date. Women have always been able to get abortions but until Roe v. Wade, many died in the process.

In conclusion gentlemen, if you want to control my body, I want to control yours. Are you game?

Kay Huether

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