Letter to the Editor: Controlling the cat population

I totally agree with Ms. Bottomley! (“Controlling Delaware cat population takes changing ways,” Letter to the Editor, Jan. 11)

I am a TNR proponent, a foster, and rescuer of cats. I have done this 20 years-plus. I have seen firsthand the struggles of cats and kitten left to fend for themselves. Many lived in someone’s home and were dumped, having no idea where to find food and shelter on their own.

My experience has been the majority of cats we trapped are not spayed or neutered. Do we do nothing to help?

TNR is humane, necessary and a very successful means of controlling our unwanted and most importantly unloved growing cat population! Unless Delaware is willing to stop calling cats free roaming and have owners license their cats as they do their dogs, we will continue to experience the problems of strays and feral cats and kittens by doing nothing!

Linda Livingood

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