LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coons’ hackery and hypocrisy

Last year, Sen. Coons wrote in the New York Times about Sen. Flake’s decision not to run for re-election. Coons discussed Washington’s hostile climate, “This situation didn’t come out of nowhere. Over the past few decades, our political culture has corroded. Traditions of compromise and civility have given way to a zero-sum, winner-take-all approach that is now out of control.”

Sen. Coons now takes the approach that he denounced. Coons, a graduate of Yale Law School, has corroded our culture and abandoned his civility in the Kavanaugh spectacle of political theater.

On MSNBC, Coons stated that it is Kavanaugh who “bears the burden of disproving these allegations.” The absence of evidence never implies guilt, and Sen. Coons should know better than to abandon presumed innocence solely because a man is a political opponent. He now champions his party’s zero-sum, winner-take-all approach.

Last year’s NYT article concluded “Challenge [Senators] to turn their words into action and ask how we can do the same.” Do the same for Sen. Coons.

Alleging that a man is guilty until he proves innocence is not just antithetical to our system of justice; it is the partisan hackery that corrodes our culture.

William Spruance

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