Letter to the Editor: Coons should face the questions

The challenge that Mr. Joe Schell recently gave to Sen. Coons was right on the mark. (“Challenging Coons on the presumption of guilt,” Letter to the Editor, Oct. 25)

I, too, wrote Sen. Coons regarding his shocking statement during Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing/inquisition that the judge had to prove that he was innocent of charges brought against him or he was guilty. I received no reply from the senator.. He may have thought that I had been disrespectful to him when I told him in my letter that if he or a son had been accused of an offense of some kind, he would definitely not have agreed with the procedure that he recommended for Judge Kavanaugh.

I definitely agree that Sen. Coons should address the excellent questions presented to him by Mr. Schell so that the citizens of this state fully understand his thinking on guilt and innocence. I believe that this method of determining guilt smacks of procedures used in dictatorial, undemocratic countries, and should definitely not have been supported by a senator of the United States.

I would like the senator to also address other questions regarding his pronouncement on Judge Kavanaugh and guilt or innocence. Since he backs the theory that a person charged with an offence must prove his/her innocence or he/she will be determined to be guilty, does the senator believe that Delaware should change the way it charges its citizens in crimes when someone accuses them of a wrong doing — that is, they must prove their innocence or they will be found guilty?

How could anyone support such a determination of guilt or innocence no matter what format is used for the charges (hearings or court cases)? What is this thinking based upon?

Because so many people are disturbed about Sen. Coons’ statement, including citizens of Delaware and many other states, we would all like to know the rationale behind Sen. Coons’ thinking to make a public statement in support of such a ridiculous and unjust procedure.

Perhaps an apology is in order along with explanations to the questions raised!

Barbara Armstrong

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